Vendtrade WFM126a Water Fountain


A beautiful, high-quality, robust stainless steel water fountain.


Incorporating high-performance direct chill/pressure cooler technology, this fountain dispenses up to 15 liters per hour of chilled drinking water. The WFM126A is ideal for schools, gyms, and public areas.


  • 15 liters per hour capacity
  • Cooling from 20°C influents to below 11°C dispensing
  • Adjustable bubbler and tamper-resistant glass filler
  • Direct chill/pressure cooker
  • Fan assisted condenser
  • Brushed stainless steel cabinet
  • 2-meter-long drain pipe include
  • 20 gauge stainless steel cabinet



The Best Vendtrade WFM126a Water Fountain Online

While you may or may not appreciate the Vendtrade wfm126a water fountain, a water maker is vital to many workplaces, especially where kitchen facilities may be limited. Choosing a wfm126a water fountain allows your staff to quickly get a refreshing drink without leaving their desks, increasing productivity.

The most common type of buy Vending machine is a water cooler. They dispense cold or room-temperature water with the flick of a lever. If you want even more flexibility, why not choose one that offers hot water? But it can be ideal for making tea and coffee without needing to boil a kettle or walk to the kitchen.

Vendtrade can supply various water chiller units, so get in touch to find out which one suits your office best.


This fountain dispenses up to 15 liters per hour of cold drinking water. The VENDTRADE WFM126A is ideal for schools, gyms, and public areas.

How long does a bottle vending machine last?

While most vending machines last 12 to 25 years, they may look more senior than they should if not correctly maintained.


  1. 15 liters per hour capacity
  2. Cooling from 20°C tributaries to less than 11°C dispensing
  3. Adjustable bubbler and tamper-resistant glass fill.
  4. Pressure cooker/direct refrigeration
  5. fan assisted condenser
  6. Brushed stainless steel cabinet
  7. 2-meter long drain pipe included
  8. 20 gauge stainless steel cabinet

The VENDTRADE WFM126A fountain has push-button-operated glass and grease-fill faucets. It is a stable source connected to the water network for instant refreshment.

Main features of the snack Vending machine for sale

The capacity of 26 liters per hour (cooling from 20°C input to 10°C dispensing):

  1. Polished stainless steel cabinet
  2. Non-toxic, non-flammable refrigerant
  3. Direct Cooling Cooling System
  4. Side Vented Fan Assisted Condenser
  5. Wall mounts are available separately
  6. waste to drain


Height: 1100mm

Width: 380mm

Depth: 330mm

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