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The B3 – Evolutionary Excellence Direct Cooling Floor Standing Water Cooler is a step from the classic B2. Building on the solid foundation laid by the B2 range, the B3 boasts additional features, including a larger dispensing area, an integrated cup dispenser, and a sparkling water version. 

Suitable for high-traffic environments due to its optimal dispensing performance, it is designed to withstand frequent use. This B3 Water Cooler features a modern touch control panel that ensures optimum hygiene—a beautiful balance between ergonomic design, functionality, and sophisticated style.

Special features:

  1. Simple one-touch electronic panel for accessible water dispensing
  2. Innovative Direct Chill technology chills water instantly
  3. Integrated cup dispenser for added convenience, discreetly integrated into the design

Water cooler B3 online

The B3 Water Cooler dispenser features a touch-sensitive power panel designed to improve users’ hygiene significantly. Thoroughly rinsed with no buttons to harbor germs and other impurities, the console is easy to use for instant access to premium water.

B3 Water Cooler evolutionary excellence

Building on the trusted foundation of the B2, the B3 has added features such as a high-capacity dispensing area, integrated cup dispenser, and sparkling water option.

Borg and Overstrom b4

  1. High-capacity dispensing area for bottles and jars
  2. Integrated cup dispenser
  3. Sealed, hygienic, direct cooling system
  4. Sparkling water option

The borg and Overstrom b4 Direct Chill has all the enhanced user features of the B3 model and more but is exceptionally compact. Despite its compact design, it has a large dispensing area that quickly fills sports bottles and pint glasses. This unit has outstanding performance in high-volume applications, was recently redesigned, and now delivers 35 liters of water per hour. 

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