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How to Reprogram a Vending Machine

To reprogram a vending machine:

  1. Access the machine’s programming mode using the control panel or keypad.
  2. Follow the instructions to input new prices, update product selections, or adjust settings as needed.
  3. Save changes and exit programming mode to finalize the reprogramming process.


How to Program Vending Machines

Vending machines offer an easy way to generate additional income for your business. Please put them in your lobby or waiting area, fill them with popular snacks, and watch the sales pile up. Vending machines are not just a benefit for your business; they also give your customers options while they wait. There is some initial work on your end when you purchase a vending machine, such as setting the price for the items in the machine.

  1. Insert your operator’s key and rotate it clockwise to open the main door. Locate the control board on the inside of the door. Touch a metal part of the machine to ground yourself and remove static electricity from your body before touching the control panel. You can cause damage to the circuit board if you do not.
  2. Access the internal menu by pressing the “mode” button on the control board.
  3. Use the “1” button to scroll through the different service options. The options will be displayed on the screen. Press the “3” button briefly when you get to the “Cash” option. If you go too far, press the “2” button to go back. Once the Cash option is selected, press the “1” button again to pick an amount to withdraw from the machine. Press the “3” button again to select the amount. The amount will be withdrawn from the machine. Remove cash when restocking the machine, but leave a certain amount for customers’ change.
  4. Press the “1” button to scroll through the options and press the “3” key to select the “Price” mode. This is where you will set the price for the items in the vending machine. Press the “1” key again to choose the type of pricing you want. Choose “Multiple Pricing” to set one price for all items or “Individual” pricing to give each item its price. Press the “3” key to select the type of pricing and then the “1” key to increase the price on the screen or the “2” key to decrease it. Do this until all of your items have the price you want. Press the “3” key to save the prices.
  5. Press the “1” button again until you see “Error” on the screen, then press the “3” key briefly. This is the “Errors” mode. Read any error printed on the screen. Use the owner’s manual for error codes, what they mean, and how to fix them.

Your Vending Machine

Before diving into the reprogramming steps, it’s crucial to understand your vending machine’s model and software. Each machine may have unique requirements and interfaces. Your Vending Machine is the ultimate solution for convenient, automated retail.

It offers a wide selection of snacks, beverages, and other essentials and caters to diverse tastes and needs. Designed for efficiency and reliability, it ensures hassle-free transactions and easy restocking. Whether in an office, school, or public space, Your Vending Machine provides quick refreshment access, enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining your operations.


Gathering Necessary Tools

To reprogram a vending machine, you’ll need a few essential tools:

  • Programming manual
  • Keypad or control panel access
  • Software update (if applicable)
  • Security key or code


Accessing the Control Panel

  1. Unlock the Machine: Use your security key or code to unlock the vending machine.
  2. Locate the Control Panel: The control panel is typically inside the machine, behind the main door.


Entering Programming Mode

  1. Press the Programming Button: This button is often on the control board. Refer to your manual for the exact location.
  2. Navigate the Menu: Use the keypad to scroll through the menu options. Look for the “Programming” or “Settings” menu.


Updating Prices

  1. Select the Price Setting Option: Navigate to the price setting section in the menu.
  2. Enter New Prices: Input the desired prices for each item. Ensure accuracy to avoid customer issues.
  3. Save Changes: Confirm and save your new settings.


Changing Product Selection

  1. Access Product Settings: Find the product selection option in the menu.
  2. Reassign Slots: Change the products assigned to each slot as needed.
  3. Update Labels: Ensure that the product labels match the new selections.


Testing the Machine

  1. Exit Programming Mode: Save all changes and exit the programming menu.
  2. Test Each Function: Make a test purchase to verify the correct prices and selections.
  3. Check for Errors: Ensure there are no error messages or issues.


Regular Maintenance Tips

  • Update Regularly: Keep your machine’s software updated.
  • Routine Checks: Perform regular checks to ensure everything functions properly.
  • Clean the Machine: Maintain cleanliness to avoid malfunctions and ensure a pleasant customer experience.


Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • Display Errors: If error codes appear, consult your manual for solutions.
  • Product Jams: Clear any jams immediately to prevent damage.
  • Payment Issues: Ensure the payment system is functioning and up to date.


Reprogram a Vending Machine Relevant Points

Reprogram a Vending Machine Relevant Points

How to Reset a Vending Machine Card Reader

A vending machine card reader locates the reader’s reset button, usually found behind or inside the machine. Press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds. Release the button, then wait for the reader to reboot and reconnect.


How to Program Vending Machine Prices

The program vending machine prices, access the machine’s menu or programming mode using the designated keypad or interface. Follow the instructions to input the prices for each item or slot, making sure to save changes before exiting the programming mode. Test the machine to ensure prices are updated correctly.


Vending Machine Program in Python

\The Vending Machine Program in Python enables users to simulate a vending machine’s functionality. It allows the selection of items, processes payments, dispenses products, and updates inventory. It’s coded to handle user inputs, manage transactions, and maintain stock levels accurately.


Vending Machine Program – C++

The Vending Machine Program in C++ emulates a vending machine’s operations. It includes features for selecting items, processing payments, dispensing products, and updating inventory. It’s designed to handle user interactions, manage transactions securely, and maintain accurate stock records.


How to Change the Price of Old Vending Machine

To change the price of an old vending machine:

  1. Locate the machine’s control panel or access the internal programming mode using the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Once inside, navigate to the price adjustment section and input the new prices for each item.
  3. Save the changes and exit the programming mode.


Vending Machine Problems Solutions

Common vending machine problems include coin jams, product jams, and malfunctioning card readers. Solutions involve:

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and servicing, can prevent many problems from occurring in the first place.


MEI Vending Machine Card Reader Reset

To reset an MEI vending machine card reader, locate the reset button on the reader. Press and hold the button for about 10 seconds until you see the lights on the reader flash or hear a beep. Release the button and wait for the reader to restart.


Vending Machine for Sale

A vending machine is available for sale, offering a convenient business opportunity. It’s fully functional, equipped with multiple slots for various products, and features reliable payment mechanisms. Ideal for entrepreneurs seeking passive income streams or businesses looking to expand service offerings.



Reprogramming your vending machine is straightforward when you follow the correct steps. Understanding your machine, gathering necessary tools, and carefully navigating the programming menu can ensure efficient operation and customer satisfaction. Regular maintenance and troubleshooting are key to a long-lasting, well-functioning vending machine.


Can you reset a vending machine?

Yes, vending machines can be reset. Depending on the model, you may need to locate and press a reset button, power cycle the machine, or access a reset option through its control panel. Following the manufacturer’s instructions is essential for a successful reset.


How do you program a vending machine price?

Access the machine’s programming:

  1. Access the control panel or keypad to program a vending machine price
  2. Follow the prompts to select the desired product slot and input the corresponding price. 

Ave the changes and exit programming mode to finalize the new prices.


Would you put a vending machine in service mode?

To put a vending machine into service mode, consult the machine’s manual or contact the manufacturer for specific instructions. Generally, you’ll access service mode through a combination of button presses or a key. Once in service mode, you can perform maintenance tasks, diagnose issues, and adjust settings.


How do I find the vending machine key code?

To find the vending machine key code, you can check the machine’s manual, contact the manufacturer or distributor, or look for a label or tag on the machine itself. The key code is often engraved or printed on a metal tag near the lock.


What do I do if a vending machine steals your money?

How to Reprogram a Vending Machine, A vending machine steals your money, immediately notify the operator or contact the customer service number on the machine. Provide details such as the location, time, and amount lost. The operator should investigate and provide a refund or resolve the issue promptly.


How do I get rid of a vending machine?

How to Reprogram a Vending Machine: first contact the manufacturer or a local vending machine service company to dispose of a vending machine. They may offer removal services or guide proper disposal methods. Alternatively, you can sell or donate the machine if it’s in working condition.



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