Necta Sinfonia



  • User-friendly selection process
  • Sturdy and fully insulated metal cabinet
  • Elegant and stylish flat door
  • Numeric metal keypad
  • Sturdy, lightweight, tilting trays
  • Automatically controlled door-to-delivery area
  • LED cabinet lighting
  • A++ (9 models) and A (6 model) energy rating



Best Necta Sinfonia For Sale Online

Necta Sinfonia is a chamber orchestra located in the United States. It was founded in 1995 by composer Samuel Adler, conductor Ilan Volkov, and violinist Leonid Gorokhov. Necta Sinfonia has made several recordings, the most recent of which was released in 2016.

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The Sinfonia is sure to drive those impulse sales with a wide glass window, eye-catching LED drink illumination, and a capacity for up to 63 selections. Sinfonia is available in two models: Sinfonia 6 and Sinfonia 9.

Vending Machine Technical Details


Shelves: 5 (max 7)
Selections: 30 (max 42)
Can Capacity: 336
Bottle Capacity: 240


Height: 1830mm
Width: 950mm
Depth: 845mm


Shelves: 5 (max 7)
Selections: 45 (max 63)
Can Capacity: 504
Bottle Capacity: 360


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