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How to Find Vending Machine Hack Codes

Today, I’ll present a foolproof guide on hacking a vending machine. We aim to equip you with comprehensive insights to address the query: How can a vending machine be outsmarted? Imagine a scenario where the skies shower not just rain but an abundance of free food. Is this a new marvel, or does it suddenly become a captivating feat that consumes all you possess?

How to Hack a Vending Machine

How to Hack a Vending Machine

“To manipulate a vending machine, a combination of tools and technical expertise is required. Firstly, identify the access panel on the machine and detach it to gain access to the internal circuitry. Utilize a multi-meter to pinpoint the wires governing the dispensing mechanism and the coin slot.

After identifying these wires, employ a wire stripper to expose the copper wiring and establish connections with a compact device termed a bypass module. This device facilitates the circumvention of the machine’s security protocols, enabling the retrieval of free items without the need for coins.

Irrespective of the time of year or the nature of the products, one can obtain snacks, drinks, confections, pizzas, and other consumables without expending any currency. This global trend of breaking into vending machines is widespread.

However, recognizing that unlawful actions can lead to legal consequences, including incarceration, is essential. Vending machines come in various brands and types, including coin-operated, credit/debit card-enabled, and contactless variants like PayPal, RFID, and NFC.

Unfortunately, the notion of a universal vending machine reset code is a fallacy. Such a code that functions across all vending machines does not exist. However, suppose one is interested in evading the conventional payment methods and wishes to delve further. In that case, the subsequent insights guide how to discreetly manipulate a vending machine without arousing suspicion from its owners.

Without further ado, let’s delve into hacking snack vending machines. Surprisingly, exploiting soda machines necessitates both specialized skills and elaborate gadgets. So, how does one go about tricking a vending machine? The ensuing instructions delineate overriding the vending machine’s operational system.”

How to Hack Vending Machine to Get Free Stuff

Now, let’s address the significant question: How can you acquire complimentary free snacks from a vending machine? What constitutes the most effective approach to manipulate a snack machine? We’ve got the solution for you! For generations, this vexing apparatus has confounded numerous individuals. Some even encounter monetary losses when items become lodged, or the system experiences glitches, which renders these exploit codes for vending machines all the more appealing to users.

Hence, to safeguard your currency from being inserted into vending machines, the ensuing vending machine exploits will guide you in procuring snacks, beverages, money, pizzas, and other free items at no cost. Are you curious about how to obtain complimentary items from a vending machine? Outlined below are nine hacks for soda machines that empower you to breach the security of any vending machine.

How to Hack a Vending Machine to Get Money

How to Hack a Vending Machine to Get Money

You’ve comprehended correctly! Numerous methods exist for manipulating vending machines. Among the simplest vending machine techniques is reclaiming your money. But how can this be achieved? Retake both your money and snacks through the utilization of this uncomplicated vending machine exploit. All that’s required is some paper currency and packaging tape.

Like the traditional coin-and-string stratagem, affix the tape to one end of the bill and introduce it into the machine. Once the bill is accepted, obtain your chosen item and utilize the withdrawal pull-out method to recover the bill.

This classic vending machine ploy is exceptionally effective and can yield remarkable results! If there are complications, forego the snacks and opt for the coin return button. Alternatively, outsmart the vending machine and secure complimentary items without inserting a genuine ripped dollar bill.

Code for Free Nesquik Drinks

How to Hack Vending Machines from Nesquik

Certainly, a handful of vending machines exploit secret codes to achieve this. If you crave a delectable beverage without cost and encounter a coin-operated Nesquik vending machine with a 10-button layout, experiment with this concealed code (44455544455) to secure a refreshing drink free of charge. Employ the 4 and 5 buttons to input the sequence. Once executed, you’ll receive the drink without payment or a credit.

Please select any of your preferred beverages and watch them descend. Another vending machine loophole to consider is this cheat code (137137137), which may even prove effective in certain older models with keypads. So, whenever your thirst beckons, use these vending machine cheat codes to quench it for free.

Get Cash Out of an Old Soda Machine

How do you Hack a Vending Machine to Get Money

Use this awesome snack machine hack! Fill your pockets with coins using this trick to hack a soda machine. When you find an old soda machine in your near surroundings or somewhere else, enter this vending machine cheat code (432112311) on the keyboard and press down on the loading lever until you hear the sound of coins falling.

Once every coin-op has been given out, gather them and leave. This soda machine trick can produce up to $15 in cash and works best on older machines. Additionally, you can use the change to purchase items from the vending machine. Even though it’s one of the oldest vending machine tricks, it still works perfectly.

Confuse the Older Snack or Soda Machines

How to get free snacks in a vending machine

Confuse certain machines! This old vending machine hack will let you acquire more goods than the actual thing if you want to avoid paying for vending machines to get your stuff or deciding to take more by spending less. So, how can you achieve that via hacking vending machines? Find an old vending machine with sensors on the door to do this.

Then, enter your cash and choose yours as usual. But, before the machine drops your item, hold down the door momentarily. Then, the object leans against the back of the door, thinking it has not dispensed anything. Later, you can use the coin return system to choose another item or receive a refund.

Hack a Conveyor Belt Coke Machine

Get a free drink by entering this free vending machine code! If Coca-Cola is your favorite drink, and when you see it, you sure opt for more and more, right? You know that all the free money disappears from your pockets.

How Can you Get as Much Coca-Cola as you Want From a Vending Machine

This simple sales gimmick dispenses several Coke drinks for one paper ticket. I hope you are familiar with Diet Coke vending machines mounted with conveyor belts to deliver drinks. So when you have cash for just a soda or Coke, insert money first and choose your drink.

Then, reach into the coke machine and push the door to confuse it. After you get your money back, repeat the process until you get all the required drinks. Everyone has some skills in crafting and design. If you are one of them, your skills will help you to hack a vending machine easily.

To learn how to hack a vending machine, check out this hack for vending machines. So, how do you cheat a vending machine? The process is quite simple. Take a small coin and wrap it with layers of aluminum foil to make it look bigger and more valuable (duct tape can also work). By doing this, you can make the vending machine believe you have paid the full fee.

If you get the right size coin, this soda machine hack works for most machines in the US, but you’ll also need a bit of luck to do it. Also, you have the vending machine codes discussed here to increase your chances of getting free snacks.

Fake Paper Coins

How to Get Free Stuff in a Vending Machine

An easy way to do this is to use paper coins! Just the vending machine cheat above; this cheat is also similar. But to trick the vending machine, you must utilize paper or cardboard. You only need a piece of cardboard, aluminum foil, pen and scissors.

How do you Fool a Vending Machine Using These Household Items

First, take a piece of cardboard and trace the coin’s outline. Cut it out, cover the coin with aluminum foil, and lay it flat. That’s it; look for an old vending machine and insert the coins you make. This trick for a vending machine easily fools a candy machine.

Also, this trick works for parking meters. Before you do, know about the technology used in the vending machine you selected (choose the old ones).

9 Tricks to Getting Free Drinks Snacks and Money

9 Tricks to Getting Free Drinks Snacks and Money

A vending machine stands as an indispensable yet occasionally exasperating contraption. It serves as a savior when hunger pangs strike, or the scorching summer demands a chilled beverage. Yet, when an item becomes trapped, or the machine experiences a complete malfunction, it transforms into a formidable adversary. And when you’re short on funds, it becomes a taunting enigma.

Hence, the intrigue surrounding the concept of hacking soda and snack vending machines is easily understandable. While this act could be considered pilfering, hacking into a vending machine feels more akin to retribution, a way of chastising it for the numerous times it let you down. But how does one go about hacking a vending machine?

Diverse brands and models of vending machines exist (coin-operated, credit/debit card-enabled, contactless with RFID, NFC, etc.), rendering the idea of a universal code, like the Konami code, ineffective across the board. Resorting to physical force like hitting or kicking will only yield limited results. Employing a drill and screws might work but at the cost of raising suspicion.

Outlined below are a series of hacks that might prove effective for you. Some appear as legitimate methods to access a diet Coke or candy dispenser, while others could appear too good to be true. The decision rests with you. (Feel free to share your triumphant successes or humbling failures.)

  1. The Free Nesquik Drink Code

Next time you need cool chocolate milk, enter this code for a free beverage if you’re close to a coin-operated Nesquik vending machine: 44455544455. The numbers represent the 4th and 5th drink selection buttons. After entering them, select your drink. More information here. (Code 137137137 might also work on older models with keyboards.)

2. The Trick to Recover your Money

You only need some paper money and packing tape for the thief on the go. Like the old coin and string trick (proven repeatedly not to work), the tape is attached to one end of the bill and inserted into the machine.

Once the machine has registered the dollar amount, use the famous draw method, and you’ll get a free drink! And if you’re feeling especially sinister, forget about drinks & snacks. Press the change button after the machine has logged a dollar amount.

3. Get Free Change From Soda Machines

Look no further if it’s the dough you’re after and you’re near an old-fashioned free soda machine (Coca-Cola, in this case). Press the code 432112311, then hold down the gear stick until you hear the sweet jingle of the coin raining down. This method is perfect for laundry when short on a few quarters.

4. Set your Price (for Example, $0) for Pepsi

You know those newer Pepsi machines with really big buttons? You can get a free drink using this hack. This will allow you to own price the drink, and zero sounds as good a full price as any. (The code 42313214321 might also work on other machines.)

5. Trick Conveyor Belt Coke Machines

Pepsi isn’t for everyone, so if you’re a fan of Coca-Cola machines and run into conveyor belt machines, this one is for you. Insert money and choose your drink, then reach into the machine and push the door to confuse it. Once you get your money back, repeat this process until you have all the drinks you want.

6. Hacks For Older Soda And Snack Machines

Like the Coke machine method above, you must press up on the bottom door (or gate) to fool it into thinking it didn’t discharge anything when it did. After a short wait, you can select another item or get a refund using the coin return mechanism. We tried this, and it didn’t work, so your mileage may be very high.

7. Tricking Gumball Machines into Taking Pennies

While originally inspired by gumball machines in the UK, this one can work anywhere, but you’ll also need a bit of luck (and probably an older vending machine). The concept is simple: take a small coin and then wrap it in layers of aluminum foil to make it look like a larger, more valuable coin. (You can also work with electrical tape, as seen below.)

8. Use Fake Paper Coins

Much like the foil/tape process, you can fool a candy machine with a paper or cardboard coin, but realistically, you’ll need a pretty old vending machine for this to stand a chance (if even so… we’re a bit suspicious). You can also try this with parking meters, but again, most coin mechanisms are too smart for this, but you never know.

9. Have Some Pure Luck

Some older vending machines have a glitch (probably well fixed by now) that will return a torn dollar bill to you and still give you credit. This could work with a cut credit card and a store card reader.

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How do You Make Fake Paper Coins?

Making fake paper coins is one of the simplest DIY vending machine hacks; all you need is a piece of cardboard, aluminum foil, a pen, and scissors. First of all, take cardboard and trace the outline of the coin.

Cut it out cov, er the coin with aluminum foil, and make it flat (try using thicker sheets to give the coin more value). That’s it; look for an old vending machine and insert the coins you make.

How to Get Free Soft Drinks in a Vending Machine?

To hack soda machines, first, insert some money and choose your drink. Then, to confuse the device, reach stuck inside and push the door.

Repeat the process until you have all the necessary beverages after you receive your money back. Only antique vending machines can use it. See the codes for the vending machines mentioned above.

Do All These Vending Machine Hacks Work?

Of course, no universal vending machine codes will work on all machines. Some work only on old ones.


No matter what you want, if you’re hungry, don’t think about money. Bookmark this page and use any vending machine hacks to get free stuff. Stop wondering how to get free stuff in a vending machine; use these hacks to get the most out of you today!

Most people’s vending machine cheats and cheat codes discussed above work with the right machine. If you like this post, please pass it on to your friends and keep following us. Please let us know in the comments section below if you have other vending machine hacks.

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