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How to Hack a Vending Machine

Have you ever thought about how to hack a vending machine? Standing in front of a snacks vending machine, you are craving your favorite snack or drink but don’t have any cash. Fear not, as we bring you some helpful tricks to hacking vending machines. 

This blog post will discuss everything from understanding how vending machines work to tricks that can help you get free snacks and drinks. 

We will also investigate whether these hacks work and what precautions you need to take while trying them out.

So next time you’re short on cash and need a quick snack fix, remember these tips and tricks.

Once you have successfully hacked your vending machine, note what worked so that you can replicate it in the future. 

These tips and tricks make hacking a vending machine much simpler!


Understanding Vending Machines Hacking


Hacking a vending machine can be a lucrative way to earn extra cash without work. 

You can dispense your products without human interaction by inserting a custom code into the vending machine’s keypad.

However, it’s important to note that hacking a vending machine is not easy and requires technical skills.

So, before you start hacking, it is essential to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. 

Various methods are used to hack vending machines, so the method for one type may not work for another. 

Once you have selected the method for your vending machine, it’s time to start. 

Understanding vending machine hacking involves knowing the different types of vending machines and their unique security features. 

Each type of machine has vulnerabilities and ways to bypass security measures. 

Hacking may seem attractive, but it’s also important to consider the legal implications. 

Hacking a vending machine is considered theft and can result in criminal charges. So before attempting to hack a vending machine, it’s important to weigh the risks carefully.


How to Hack a Vending Machine with No Money


One way to hack a vending machine involves using a vending machine scanner that can access the machine’s internal system. 

Another method is to disable the machine’s security features or manipulate its sensors to control its operations. 

You can also hack the vending machine’s software to change its settings or dispense different types of products.

It should be noted that these methods are illegal and punishable by law. Moreover, hacking a vending machine could damage it and lead to costly repairs or replacements. 

Lastly, if you suspect hidden cameras in the vending machine, you can use a detector to find and disable them. 

With these hacking methods, you need no money to enter the vending machine.


Tricks to Hack a Vending Machine


Knowing how to hack a vending machine can come in handy when you are stuck and need food or drinks.

One of the tricks involves using a coin detector to determine the pin code. Another trick is unscrewing the panel on the front of the vending machine with a screwdriver. 

Although hacking a vending machine is not easy, it is time-consuming.

In this article, you will learn several tricks that you can use to obtain free snacks and drinks or even cash in no time. 


How to Get Your Cashback


Some common methods include using a coin dispenser, fake money, or inserting foreign currency. You can also use stolen credit or debit cards to withdraw cash from the machine.

Try these methods

  1. Put the money in the machine first. Then select any product. After that press **#*#*# . Get your snacks and press the “GET RETURN” button to get your money back.
  2. Press **#*#*#*#. Then put in money and select the product. Collect your refund from the coin holder.

If you decide to try hacking a vending machine, get your cash back as quickly as possible to avoid any legal repercussions. 

While these tricks may work on some machines, not all are susceptible to hacking attempts.


Set the Price for Snacks and Drinks as You Want


One of the most popular tricks to hack a vending machine is to set your own price for snacks and drinks. This can be a great way to make some extra money, and it’s surprisingly easy.

There are a few different ways to hack a vending machine, but one of the most common methods is to use a coin lockout device.

Lock in the Price

With a coin lockout device, you can lock in the price of your desired item and ensure that the machine won’t spit out your change. 

Change the Price of a Product: 42313214321

It doesn’t matter if the original prices are printed on the packets. Set your own price or zero instead of the multiple-digit numbers.

Yes, that is a reasonable price.

Get a Free Soda from a Vending Machine

Use the following button combinations on newer Pepsi machines with large buttons to order a drink for the set price.

Near right Coke > Far left Pepsi

Pepsi to the left, Coke to the right

Near right Coke > Far left Pepsi

Near-left Pepsi is superior to far-left Pepsi

Right near the Cola > Right far the Cola

You may also set the price or view the stats/error loss using the button combination above.

Another way is to enter the code 42313214321 to change the price of a product.

Thus you can set your item price and make some extra cash. 


Code for Free Drinks


After going to a vending machine, put a paper dollar or coin. Then enter the code to get a free drink: 137137137 + the desired drink or snack number. 

Make sure that the drink does not fall below the metal separator. 

Now, some vending machines understand that there was an error while the product was falling and return your coins.

Each method has its own instructions, so it’s important to research before attempting to hack a vending machine.

The method works on many vending machines. But we can not promise that any method works on every machine; however, it has been tested and worked for us.

In addition to codes, other methods include using special keys or buttons, or remote control. 


Code for Hacking the Free Vending Machine


One popular method is to insert a fake coin or bill that mimics the size and weight of genuine currency. Another option is to use a keypad lock bypass or camera hack to gain entry.

If you’re looking for a code for a free vending machine, there are several websites and forums where enthusiasts share codes. 

You can try the 5727431 vending machine hack code, enter it, and retrieve your items.

If you can’t access a code, try resetting the machine using the reset button. This may reset any security protocols and give you access to the machine’s contents.

With these tricks, refilling your inventory with your favorite snacks from the vending machine without paying for them is easy. 


Use Fake Coins and Notes


If you’re looking to hack a vending machine, one of the most effective tricks is to use fake coins or notes. 

When selecting fake currency, it’s important to consider the size of the coin or note. Smaller coins and notes are more likely to fit easily into the vending machine’s mechanisms. Foreign coins also work similarly.

Choosing the right type of coin or note for the specific machine you are targeting is also crucial. Some machines may be more vulnerable to certain types of fake currency than others.


Coins Wrapped with Foil


Vending machines rarely accept pennies. This is because machines only give change in groups of five, and accepting pennies isn’t cost-effective due to storage issues.

Nowadays, the majority of vending machines only take coins based on weight.

Think about the following:

  • 2.5 grams make up a cent.
  • Weighing 2.268 grams is a dime.
  • A nickel is 5 grams heavy.
  • 5.67 grams make up a quarter.

Now, you usually can only fool a machine into thinking a cent is a dime if you want to trim the coin to lessen its weight.

You may, however, make it believe that it is a cent or quarter. Use tin foil, tape, or sticky-tac to make the coin heavier.

Remember: The outside of coins is irrelevant to vending machines. It only takes into account weight.


Make Older Vending Machines Confused


Do you know how to hack a vending machine for free snacks? Make the vending machines confused.

This soda machine’s hack tip lets you get more than the original one. Especially when you don’t want to spend anything for vending machines to get your items.

So, you can achieve it by hacking vending machines.

  • Find an old soda vending machine with sensors on the gate to perform the task.
  • Insert the cash after that and make your regular selection.
  • Hold the gate open for a time, though, before the machine releases your goods.
  • The object then lies on the back of the gate, believing nothing was released.
  • Then, using the coin return method, you can choose a different item or receive a partial refund.

Another method is to use smaller coins than the dispenser’s size. This will cause the vending machine to dispense the wrong item or sometimes even give you multiple items. 

Another method is a keypad lock bypass, allowing you to access the coin return and change the coins in the machine.

Older vending machines can also be confused by jamming the coin chute with a piece of metal. 

It’s important to note that these methods may not work on newer vending machines with more advanced technology and security measures.

While we don’t encourage illegal activity, it’s interesting to explore how vending machines work and the vulnerabilities they may have. 

These tricks can be helpful in some situations, but paying for your items is always best, and avoiding breaking any laws or damaging property is always best.


Hack Conveyor Belt Coke Machines


Try the following if you want to acquire free drinks from a more recent vending machine, such as one with a rising drawer and conveyer belt:

  • Firstly choose your beverage.
  • In the dispensing tray, raise your hand above the scale.
  • Before it touches the bottom, grab the beverage.

You can try one of two options from here

The First Option is to Hack a Conveyor Belt Machine

  • Simply click the refund button.
  • Make a different decision.
  • Never jeopardize your personal security. 

Avoid this method if your hand might get caught in the dispensing tray. It is not worthwhile to request assistance from others to help you.

The Second Option is to Hack a Conveyor Belt Vending Machine  

First, insert money and choose your drink for only one soda or Coke when you have cash.

Then, insert your hand into the device and push the door against it to confuse it.

Repeat the process until you have all the necessary beverages after it returns your money.

The third option is to Try the tricks below

To make a little coin appear larger and more expensive, wrap it in multiple layers of foil. (It can also work with electrical tape).

This can cheat the vending machine into thinking you’ve paid full price.

If you get the right-sized coin, this soda machine hacking trick works for most machines in the USA.  

Here you’ll also need a bit of luck to do it.

This method cheats the machine into thinking you’ve inserted more money than you have. Then it will allow you to select multiple items for a discounted price.

Another typical hack is using different coins, such as foreign currency or tokens. 

Use those stuff to fool the machine into dispensing items without deducting any money from your account. 


Call the Vending Machine Company and Ask for a Refund


If the vending machine takes your money, there might be a phone number you can call.

The vendor does not know that you did not put money in the machine. It will enable them to “refund” you. 

You’d need to make ahead plans because this could need a wait time of several days or perhaps weeks.


Get Free Change Out of Soda Machines


You can fill your pockets with coins and stuff using this soda machine hack.

Enter the vending machine cheat code 432112311 and depress the charge lever when encountering an old soda machine.

Stay and wait until you hear the sound of coins falling down.

Collect all of the coins after they have been distributed. This soda machine hacking technique is more effective on older machines and can only distribute up to $15 in cash.

Even though it’s one of the oldest vending machine scams, it still works flawlessly.


Look for Loose Items


This strategy is completely opportunistic. Look at the machine itself first. Choose if any bags or bars are “hanging by a thread.”

Even though you still need to put money into the machine, you might be able to receive a two-for-one offer.

You might even try purchasing an item just above it, depending on how loose the current item is.

It might move the object and deposit it in the dispenser slot if it drops. You should ideally get two distinct snacks.


View Specific Information on Coca-Cola Machines


Enter 4321 if you’re using a Coca-Cola machine with a 44 keypad. The debugging screen ought to appear as a result.

The code is invalid if nothing occurs. The 3 and 2 buttons will allow you to scroll up and down if you receive an ERROR message.

As a result, you won’t receive a free snack, but you will be able to see private machine data, including the machine’s overall sales and temperature.


Check Your Luck


The tried-and-true vending machine trick is to try your luck!

Old is always valuable. Most people confident enough to try their luck attend on their luck. This vending machine trick can enable you to save money.

Most older vending machines contain a bug that will let you keep the credit for a dollar bill torn in half while returning it to you.

It’s still worthwhile, even though this isn’t one of your typical vending machine hacks.

A sliced credit card and a point-of-sale card reader could make this work.

Actually, a lot of the vending machines have been recently repaired.


Precautions to Take


Hacking a vending machine is not easy and requires the right precautions. 

Before hacking a vending machine, read the owner’s manual carefully to understand how it works. 

Use common sense when tampering with the vending machine, and do not attempt to hack it. Especially when you are not familiar with the correct procedures.

It’s important to know the risks of hacking a vending machine. If caught, serious consequences may follow. 

Wear gloves and protective eyewear when attempting hacks to avoid injury or damage to yourself or the vending machine. 

Taking these precautions will help you achieve success without putting yourself in danger.




How to Trick a Vending Machine with A Dollar Bill?


One of the perfect vending machine hacks is the ‘Magic Dollar’ trick to use on vending machines. All you really needed was a crisp dollar bill and some cellophane tape. 

You would stick the back side of the dollar bill on one end of the tape. Only stick the short edge of the bill onto the tape, maybe half an inch up or so. 

Then, gather about a foot and a half of the tape and fold it back over itself, leaving a small pile of cellophane tape trailing from the dollar bill to hold onto. 

Next, you would insert the dollar bill into the vending machine, and as soon as you heard this whirring noise, you would yank on the line of cellophane tape and retrieve your bill from the reader slot.

Now you would receive a dollar’s worth of credit in the vending machine, good for a free soda and forty cents in change. 

This actually worked super well until one guy took it too far.


Do these Hacks Really Work?


Before you begin, ensure you have the right tools and know how to use them. You should be more careful because the previous machine problems are now solved. 

We don’t promise that all the hacking tricks will work for all machines. Those tricks work for some old machines or some digital machines. 

Additionally, smart vending machines can detect any unusual activities instantly. So it is very hard now to cheat any updated machines. 

On the other hand, many CCTV cameras are all over there. For this reason, it is recommended that one should avoid trying any hacks on vending machines.

Additionally, some newer machines may have advanced security measures that make them much harder to hack.


How to Get Free Stuff from a Vending Machine without Money?


You want to get a drink, and you have no money. Then how to get free stuff from a vending machine. Try this trick:

Use fack coins or notes.

Select your drink first, then stick your hand in the dispensing tray to confuse the machine. Then, grab your drink before it falls. 


How to Get Free Stuff From a Vending Machine?


An easy way to go about it is to use paper coins! Just the above vending machine hack, this trick is also similar to it. But you have to use paper or cardboard to confuse the vending machine.

You only need a piece of cardboard, aluminum foil, a pen, and scissors to do it.

First of all, take a piece of cardboard and trace it around the coin. Cut it and cover the coin with foil and make it flat.

That’s it; find an old vending machine and insert the coins that you make. This vending machine hack can easily trick a candy machine.

Moreover, this trick works for parking meters as well. Before doing it, know about the tech used in the vending machine you selected (choose old ones).




This article has discussed many tips on how to hack a vending machine. It is essential to understand that vending machines are the property of the owners and their vendors. 

Hacking a vending machine may seem like a fun challenge, but it is not ethical or legal. Tampering with them can lead to legal consequences and also disrupt their business. 

We should remember that these machines are not just for our convenience.

Additionally, it provides a source of income for many small businesses. Instead of trying these tricks, it’s always better to go through the correct channels if you face any issues with the machine.

Stay safe and respect others’ property. Comment on us.



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