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How to Break in a Vending Machine: Unlocking the Secrets

Vending machines have been a part of our lives for decades, offering quick and easy access to various products. They can be found in schools, offices, malls, and streets. But have you ever wondered how they work and whether they can be bypassed? We’ll delve into these questions and more as we explore the art of breaking into vending machines.

Understanding Vending Machines

Before attempting to break into a vending machine, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of how they operate. Vending machines typically consist of a cabinet, a coin mechanism, a product delivery system, and an electronic control board.

The coin mechanism verifies the inserted currency, and upon successful validation, it triggers the product delivery system to dispense the selected item.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

It’s important to emphasize that breaking into a vending machine is illegal in most jurisdictions. Tampering with someone else’s property, theft, and vandalism are serious offences that can result in fines, imprisonment, or both. Moreover, engaging in such activities undermines the principles of honesty and integrity. It’s always best to abide by the law and seek alternative ways to satisfy your cravings.

Find a lonely vending machine.

In a world dominated by technology and convenience, it’s common to find a forgotten vending machine tucked away in a hidden corner.

These machines once filled with snacks and beverages, now stand silently, waiting for someone to rediscover their treasures. If you have stumbled upon this article, you’re in luck because we will take you on an adventure to find that elusive vending machine and unveil its secrets.

Tools Needed for Breaking into a Vending Machine

Tools Needed for Breaking into a Vending Machine

To break into a vending machine, you may need a set of specific tools. These tools include lock picks, a screwdriver, a thin metal rod, a flashlight, and some tape. Remember that acquiring and using these tools illegally is against the law and can lead to serious consequences.

Step 1: Assessing the Vending Machine

The first step in breaking into a vending machine is carefully assessing its surroundings. Look for blind spots, areas with minimal surveillance, or secluded spots where you can carry out your plan without drawing attention.

Step 2: Identifying Vulnerabilities

Like any other device, vending machines have vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Common vulnerabilities include weak locks, poorly secured access panels, and outdated control systems.

By identifying these weaknesses, you can increase your chances of successfully accessing the contents of a vending machine.

Step 3: Using Physical Techniques

Physical techniques involve manipulating the vending machine’s components to gain unauthorized access. These techniques can include prying open the machine with a screwdriver, using a thin metal rod to trigger the release mechanism, or blocking the product delivery chute to retrieve multiple items simultaneously.

Step 4: Exploiting Technical Vulnerabilities

Some vending machines may have technical vulnerabilities that can be exploited. For example, older machines might use default lock combinations or easily guessable access codes.

Additionally, certain vending machines can be tricked into registering a purchase without deducting the corresponding payment.

Step 5: Other Methods to Consider

Apart from physical and technical methods, there are other unconventional ways to access vending machine contents. These can include using strings or wires to manipulate internal components, exploiting human error or distraction, or even attempting to freeze the machine to create malfunctions.

Safety Precautions and Risks

Breaking into vending machines is not only illegal but also potentially dangerous. It’s crucial to consider your safety and the safety of others when contemplating such actions. Mishandling tools, causing damage to the vending machine, or triggering alarms can lead to physical harm, legal consequences, or both.

Legal Consequences of Vending Machine Breaking

As mentioned, breaking into a vending machine is illegal in most jurisdictions. Additionally, the penalties for such activities can vary depending on the local laws and the severity of the offence.

Moreover, possible consequences may include fines, probation, community service, or imprisonment. Furthermore, it is worth noting that in contrast to minor offences, more severe cases may result in longer prison sentences.

However, regardless of the specific penalties, it is essential to understand that engaging in this illegal activity is highly discouraged. Therefore, individuals should be aware of the potential consequences and abstain from such actions.

Alternatives to Breaking into Vending Machines

Instead of engaging in illegal activities, there are legitimate alternatives to obtaining free items from vending machines. Some vending machine owners offer promotions, discounts, or loyalty programs that can provide opportunities to enjoy products without breaking any laws.

Additionally, you can always carry spare change or use electronic payment methods to make a purchase.

Step-by-step instructions to Pick a Candy Machine Lock

On numerous storage spaces and bicycle locks, rounded locks can be found. Moreover, this sort of lock is likewise exceptionally normal in candy machines, so in some cases, individuals call the rounded lock a candy machine lock.

Conventional candy machine locks are not difficult to pick and, surprisingly, require a ballpoint pen.

1. Use scissors to remove the finish of the ballpoint pen

Use scissors to remove the finish of the ballpoint pen.

First, you want to pick a ballpoint pen. Its outside measurement should be similar to or more modest than the kickoff of the lock. Then, at that point, eliminate the ink tube. Since you want to utilize the outside of the ballpoint pen to open the lock.

Remove the finish of a ballpoint pen

2. Cut 4 vertical indents into the rear of the pen

Cut 4 vertical indents into the rear of the pen

The indents ought to run up and at the edges of the pen. These will keep the pen adaptable as they slide into the lock.

Cut 4 vertical scores

3. Slide the pen into the keyhole

Slide the pen into the keyhole

Embed the pen into the lock and used pressure if necessary. Assuming you find that the lock appears to be stuck and won’t permit the pen to slide in, there are two circumstances:

The score needs to be adequately profound. You want to remove the pen and remove more to expand the indent.

The lock is rusted. It would help if you cleaned within the lock to eliminate expected soil or rust for this situation. Slide the pen

4. Shake the lock this way and that

Shake the lock this way and that

You’ll have to hold the pen in one hand and the lock in the other and shake both from one side to another until the pin comes free. Assuming all pins are hit, the lock will be opened. Kindly recall that you’ll have to shake a few additional times during this interaction. You might have to utilize a lock pick if it neglects to open after rehashed endeavors.

Grab the cash.

A thief might easily reach in after the break-in and take the piles of $1 bills. Additionally, depending on the burglar’s experience, the full vending machine break-in procedure should take between 3 and 5 minutes.

Unfortunately, even though the thief obtains the money, the company must spend thousands of dollars on a replacement because of the small theft. Self-thieves don’t care because they think major corporations won’t be as affected by the loss.


Can Breaking into a Vending Machine Damage it?

Vending machines are:

  • A common sight in various public spaces.
  • Offering convenience and quick access to snacks.
  • Beverages.
  • Other items.

However, there may be instances where individuals are tempted to break into these machines in search of a quick score. While understanding the potential consequences is essential,

I strongly discourage and stress that engaging in illegal activities, such as breaking into a vending machine, is against the law. Let’s explore the possible damages if someone attempts to gain access to a vending machine forcefully.

Is Breaking into a Vending Machine Illegal?

Yes, breaking into a vending machine is considered illegal in most jurisdictions. Moreover, engaging in activities that involve unauthorized entry, tampering, or damage to a vending machine can be classified as theft, vandalism, or property damage. This classification varies depending on the specific laws of the jurisdiction.

Please consult local laws and regulations for accurate information as laws regarding vending machine-related offences may vary from one location to another.

Are there any Legitimate Ways to Obtain Free Items from Vending Machines?

Some vending machine owners offer promotions, discounts, or loyalty programs that provide opportunities to enjoy free or discounted products. It’s always best to explore these legitimate options rather than engage in illegal activities.

What Should I Do if I Witness Someone Breaking into a Vending Machine?

If you witness someone breaking into a vending machine, it’s important to prioritize your safety and the safety of others. If possible, notify the authorities or alert someone in charge of the premises.

How can Vending Vachine Owners Protect their Machines from Being Broken?

Vending machine owners can take several measures to protect their machines, such as installing high-quality locks, using surveillance cameras, regularly inspecting and maintaining their machines, and placing them in well-lit and monitored areas.


While breaking into a vending machine might seem exciting or adventurous, it’s important to remember the legal and ethical implications. Engaging in illegal activities can have severe consequences, personally and for society. It’s always better to abide by the law and explore alternative ways to satisfy our cravings.




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