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Smart Vending Machine Vs Normal Vending Machine


Vending machines have changed along with the changing world. Smart vending machines are now an option for snacks and drinks instead of traditional machines. These smart machines aim to enhance the automated retail experience by offering a variety of advanced features. This article compares Smart Vending Machine vs Normal Vending Machine and explains the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of each one.

 Smart Vending Machine’s Definition

A smart vending machine is just like a regular vending machine, but it has more features. You can connect to the Internet, your phone, and electronic wallets. It also uses special software to help operators manage things like receipts and inventory levels.

The Features of the Smart Vending Machine

Smart Vending Machine Vs Normal Vending Machine

  • A smart vending Device with a display and touch screens panel will be offered to guide customers toward the product they choose without misunderstanding.
  • It consists of a cashless payment option that allows customers to make transactions securely using debit and credit cards, smart cards or a QR code.
  • The contactless ordering feature allows customer preferences to add items to their cart without touching the device, and automatic refunds are provided if deliveries do not go as promised.
  • The owner can remotely check the smart vending Device, which also helps track sales data and demand for Consumers.
  • Real-time user data allows owners to closely monitor and personalize consumers’ experience and collect valuable analyze data.
  • The fact that smart machines are digitally monitored allows them to build excellent theft-prevention technology.
  • The AI-powered technique forecasts sales and provides a user behavior graph that explains purchasing patterns and helps create technological advancements plans.

The Advantages of Smart Vending Machines

“Smart” User Interface

The latest generation of smart machines has an interactive user interface to give customers a great experience. It will have a touch screen that displays each item placed inside the Intelligent vending machine, making it easier for customers to decide by presenting concise product descriptions.

Supported by Data

Smart vending machines can track what products people buy. This information can be used to target marketing and see what people need. It can also help to keep machines stocked with popular products so people don’t have to wait.

Avoid using Cash 

Smart machines offer users every conceivable convenience, including cashless payment methods.

Touchless payments  

The use of QR codes has made things simpler and more secure. The smart machine allows more customers to order without touching the screen by scanning a QR code, sending them to the cart to easily purchase the required items.

Controlling Temperature 

Products with a long shelf life and an expiration date are kept in traditional vending machines. However, today’s Intelligent vending can control the temperature and extend the shelf life of various products.

Normal Vending Machine’s Definition

Ordinary Vending machines have a simple design and a single purpose: to sell. One side of the machine malfunctions has physical buttons and a slot to insert money to use for purchases, and the other metrics side has a compartment with slots for products for sale. Intelligent Vending machines have evolved in design over the years, presenting various models and sizes for sale.

The Features of the Normal Vending Machine

For your vending machine business to be successful, you need to provide your operators with the best tools and technology. eVending can help you do this with its standard and optional features that use artificial intelligence. Here are the top 5 features you need for your vending machine business:


Greenlite’s cashless payment system is a really good idea to make your vending business better. You can let customers pay using credit cards, debit cards, or mobile cards – whatever is easier for them. This can make more people buy things from your vending machines. In fact, companies that used Greenlite have said their machine sales went up by around 35% on average.

Greenlite also lets you watch your machines from far away. You can control them even if you’re not close. This helps you find and fix problems early, so your machines keep working well.

If you want to make your store even better, you should think about using Greenlite. It’s a simple, safe, and good way to take payments and manage your machines.


The iVend delivery sensor system, a Modern technology that comes standard in electronic vending machines, ensures that your customers always receive their orders. This feature uses infrared edge technology, so if your products don’t sell successfully, your customers will receive a refund. In addition, they will have the option of trying to sell a different item. iVend virtually eliminates missiles from your machine operators, increasing customer experience satisfaction.

ADA Compliant

Did you know that the most popular eVending vending machines are accessible to people with disabilities? In addition to the new Elite Series Snack 5W and 6W machines, other ADA compliant models include the Futura Snack and Beverage Combo, CB500 Cold Drink, 29 Selection Combo Elevator, and Coffee Express Hot Beverage.

Flexible Product Capability

What good is your machine if it can’t keep up with the ever-changing nature of product packaging? Configurable food and beverage options for ending vending machines are included as standard. This feature makes it easy to modify your machine to match the packaging of the products you sell. You can stop searching for products that extremely delay your machine now. Instead, you can modify the appliance to fit your products.

Easy Vending

Our vending machines are made for everyone to use easily. We have added special things to our machines to make them good. There are lights inside the machines that make your things look nice. This helps customers see what’s inside. The buttons on our machines are big and easy to understand. We also have raised dots that help people who cannot see. These special things make our machines better than the old ones. Anyone can use our smart machines because they have these good features.

The Advantages of Normal Vending Machines

Vending machines serve a greater purpose than simply dispensing food. They can greatly improve both your business operations and your corporate culture. Consider the following benefits of vending machines for your business:

Small Overhead Costs

Vending machines are a convenient and affordable way to feed a large group of people. They only need a small amount of money to operate, and they use less electricity than traditional cafeterias or concession stands. This is because modern vending machines are designed to be energy efficient.

Easy Management & Maintenance

Working with a vending industry leader like the American Food and Beverage Industry can make it easier to maintain and manage food. Our skilled technicians and sales assistants will restock and maintain your machines so your employees can always get what they need. We will take care of everything, so you can enjoy fast, reliable access to your favorite snacks and drinks from clean vending machines.

Makes Staff Happy

When you go a long time without eating, your blood sugar levels drop and your body releases hormones that make you feel angry and restless. No one wants stressed and cranky employees. If you offer a vending machine to keep your employees happy and well-fed, they will be more positive and helpful to customers and coworkers. This shows that you care about their well-being and makes them feel appreciated.

Easy Access & Quick

Leaving the office for a snack or coffee can be time-consuming. You have to walk to the nearest store, wait in line, and come back. This can waste time and make you less productive. A cloud-based vending machine management system can help. You can keep snacks and drinks in the office so you don’t have to go out.

Increased Flexibility

Setting up a regular vending machine lets workers grab a snack without waiting for lunch or the cafeteria to start. Additionally, they can pick snack times during busy hours to not disrupt their work and match today’s speedy world. Vending machines can also boost work efficiency, besides offering an easy snack option. So, putting in a vending machine can be a smart choice for businesses.

Key Points of Comparison

Smart Vending Machine Vs Normal Vending Machine

Here’s a detailed comparison of Smart Vending Machines Vs Normal Vending  Machine:

Aspect Smart Vending Machines Normal Vending Machines
Technology IoT, AI, data analytics Basic automation
User Interaction Interactive touchscreens, personalized suggestions Button selection
Inventory Management Real-time tracking, automated restocking Manual restocking
Maintenance Remote monitoring and issue resolution Manual maintenance
Product Diversity Customizable offerings based on AI insights Fixed product selection
Customer Experience Personalized, efficient, and interactive Quick and straightforward
Business Insights Data-driven decisions, demand forecasting Limited data utilization


Smart Vending Machine Vs Normal Vending Machine: Which Is Right for You?

Choose between smart and regular vending machines based on your needs, budget, and tech capabilities. Smart machines are good for customer engagement and inventory management, while regular machines are affordable and easy to use.


Are Smart Vending Machines more expensive to maintain than Normal Vending Machines?

Initially, the upfront cost of Smart Machines may be higher due to the advanced technology they incorporate. However, their efficient inventory management and reduced maintenance needs can lead to cost savings over time.

Can Normal Vending Machines be upgraded to become Smart Vending Machines?

In some cases, yes. Retrofitting Normal Vending Machines with IoT devices and AI capabilities is possible, but it depends on the specific model and its compatibility with new technologies.

Do Smart Vending Machines pose a security risk due to their connectivity?

 Smart Machine manufacturers prioritize security measures to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access. Regular software updates are crucial to maintaining the security of this machine learning.

Can Smart Vending Machines adapt to changing consumer preferences?

 Yes, that’s one of their key features. AI algorithms analyze consumer behavior and adapt market offerings to match current trends and preferences.

Are there any industries where Normal Vending Machines are more suitable than Smart Vending Machines?

 Industries with straightforward product offerings and a limited need to collect valuable data-driven insights might find Traditional Vending Machines more suitable due to their simplicity and lower cost.

How can businesses maximize the benefits of Smart Vending Machines?

Businesses can maximize benefits by regularly analyzing the data collected by Smart Machines, customizing product offerings based on AI recommendations, and maintaining a user-friendly interface.


Both smart vending machines and conventional vending machines offer their own set of advantages. Smart vending machines take advantage of advanced technology while regular vending machines are simple and uncomplicated. Your decision on Smart vending machine vs normal vending machine two should be guided by your preferences, deployment location, and desired level of technology. As the vending industry transforms, there is growing recognition for machines that bring automation and innovation to the forefront.




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