Mars Drinks Flavia Creation 500


Lavazza Flavia KEY FEATURES

  • Simple, user-friendly touch controls
  • Consistent quality with one cup in under 40 seconds
  • Quick and easy to clean – no mess, no fuss
  • Compact and portable design for any location
  • Built to last
  • Low energy mode
  • Energy-efficient LED indicators



Best Mars Drinks Flavia Creation 500 For Sale Online

The best Mars Drinks Flavia Creation 500 combines a sleek design with enhanced beverage and menu display options, making creating and enjoying the perfect brew easier. The high-performance workplace coffeemaker is designed with the needs of large offices and collaboration areas in mind. An improved LCD menu provides a more intuitive brewing experience.

Elegant and state-of-the-art, Flavia creation 500 prepares a full range of premium beverages for the workplace. Mars Drinks has once again redesigned its famous Flavia Creation line. The Creation 500™ is designed for a work environment, offering customers and staff superior choices and unparalleled flavor. The Hot Drink Machines feature a sleek design and improved beverage menu screen, making it easier to create the perfect brew.

With Mars Drinks’ innovative technology, the machine can quickly calibrate cup size, water pressure, and temperature, allowing users to get a delicious drink in less than 40 seconds. Built solid and reliable, the c500 Flavia is designed to last two years of uninterrupted service.

While some pack components are recyclable, others are not; however, we have a program where Freshpacks can be recycled called Recycle Your Freshpacks.

The FLAVIA Fresh container is hermetically sealed against light and air to bring freshness to every drink. Each Fresh packet has a suggested “Use By” date on the reverse at the bottom. On average, Fresh Packs have a shelf life of 9 months.

What happens when mars expire?

If the coffee pouch machine goes wrong, the pleasant aroma will disappear, and with it, much of the flavor. Using this coffee won’t hurt you, but it won’t have much flavor if the smell wears off. It may also lose its deep dark color and appear lighter brown.

How do you use Lavazza Flavia?

Lavazza Flavia is an innovative one-cup coffee machine that allows you to enjoy delicious freshly brewed espresso, cappuccino, latte, and more with a push of a button. It is easy to use and ensures you get the perfect cup of coffee every time. Here is a step-by-step guide to using Lavazza Flavia for a great cup of coffee.


Freshpack Capacity: 24 packs
Water Tank Capacity: 2.5ltr
Drink Volume Per Cup: 160ml


Height: 435mm
Width: 266mm
Depth: 556mm

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