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This Vendtrade Alpha 1 Cooler is built to last with durable, high-impact plastic components, a cold-rolled 20-gauge embossed steel cabinet, and HygieneGuard™ faucet protection to reduce bacterial contamination from hand-to-faucet.

There are two alpha 1 water cooler models: AA3300X bottled and AA3300X POU, free-standing or tabletop.

Main features of the water cooler dispenser ratings:

  • Hot and cold water supply or ambient and cold water
  • Removable drip tray with optional connection to the main drain
  • Integrated cup holder with exposed lock
  • Spring-loaded removable bottom panel for easy access
  • Silent, fanless air-cooled condenser
  • Three ltr stainless steel cold water tank (4°C-12°C)
  • 2-liter stainless steel heating tank (87°C-92°C)
  • Metallic channels to avoid spoilage and taste problems (POU model)

How do vending machines keep drinks cold?

Some modern peak-time vending machines mostly chill the internal drinks at night when electricity is cheapest, bringing the liquid to freezing without its innards turning solid. Then they let the insulation do the rest for most of the time. 

How considerably does it cost to buy an alpine water cooler filter reset?

Depending on size and features, a new vending machine will cost between $3,000 and $10,000. In addition to the device itself, you’ll also want to consider the cost of inventory to store your machines.

Can a vending machine be placed anywhere?

You could technically put a hot and cold drinks vending machine anywhere, but it’s more complicated. First, you cannot legally recognize a device on someone else’s property and use their services without their permission or a contract.


Height (Free Standing): 1152mm

Size (Table Top): 475mm

Width: 299mm

Depth (Free Standing): 381mm

Depth (Table Top): 411mm


Height (Free Standing): 1122mm

Size (Table Top): 445mm

Width: 299mm

Depth (Free Standing): 381mm

Depth (Table Top): 411mm

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