Crane Linea


A premium coffee machine provides the barista experience.


  • Intuitive and adjustable menu
  • TheBarista-style coffee at the touch of a button
  • High-definition touch screen
  • User-defined workflow and beverage selection
  • Video functionality and energy-saving mode
  • Easy to clean, refill and service



Best Crane Linea For sale

Crane linea is the latest addition to its coveted range of coffee machines. Combining its pioneering technology with an excellent design, Crane has designed Linea to produce the perfect coffee at the touch of a button.

Compromising quality and durability when moving from a stand-alone to a tabletop machine is a thing of the past with LINEA. Complete your offer of coffee with the elegant range of furniture LINEA to create a cafeteria of sleek design, the perfect solution for any environment.

Firstly, The customizable graphics make it the perfect solution for any environment. With an intuitive menu to guide you through the selection process, LINEA is elegantly designed.

SIELAFF FS features a high-definition touch screen, including full motion video and a retail workflow that allows consumers to brew their perfect coffee. The ideal coffee at your fingertips, LINEA is your premium, comprehensive coffee shop experience.

The best manual coffee makers and brewers 1 Melitta Pour-Over Coffee Brewer. Here is a simple game for those ready to try home brewing. 2 Chemex Classic Series pouring glass coffee maker. But Chemex has never been a solid choice for pour-over coffee brewing.

A premium coffee machine that provides the experience of a barista. Crane coffee vending machine is the latest addition to its coveted range of coffee machines. Combining pioneering technology with excellent design, a coffee vending machine has been designed the Linea to produce the perfect coffee at the touch of a button.

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