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There is many different crane icon available on the market today. They range from standard hot beverage vending machines, which use powdered ingredients to dispense large quantities of hot beverages quickly and economically, to the newer, more luxurious bean-to-cup engines, which grind freshly brewed coffee beans for every drink.

Most hot beverage vending machines offer an incredible variety of beverages, including custom-strength coffees, hot chocolates, freshly brewed teas, decaf drinks, and even cold sodas.

For more information on the hot drinks vending machine we offer at Vendtrade, please contact us with your requirements. We can advise you on the best device for your needs and offer you upgraded packages, including maintenance and product replacement. 

Hot Drinks Vending Machine

Walk into any office or work area, and you’ll likely find some coffee source, whether it’s a classic drip coffee machine, single-serve brewing machine, or hot beverage vending machine. Coffee helps feed the workforce and is often a beverage that many workers rely on in one way or another. 

For many workers, a trip to the local crane merchandising shop equals a loss of valuable work time and additional expenses. The evening has some solutions that will feed employees throughout the day.

Drink Vending Machine Icon

Crane’s ICON is an exciting new addition to our range. Exquisite attention from first glance, the ICON is a premium hot beverage machine that uses a touch-sensitive interface for a quality user experience. The pinnacle of cup capacity and reliability, the crane vending machine allows all workplaces to experience the beauty of cafeteria quality.

Features and Benefits

  • The proprietary CoEx & Oltre breweries produce beverages of the highest quality.
  • Intuitive touch sensor user interface offering a wide variety of options.

The traditional barista experience wrapped in a best-in-class vending machine. The Icon doesn’t just look the part but also plays the role. In the Icon, Crane has engineered a state-of-the-art hot drink vending solution capable of consistently delivering barista-style coffee and fresh-leaf tea. 

Built for regular use in medium-traffic locations, the machine utilizes the latest mixing and brewing technology to ensure quality and consistency in every cup.

  • Up to 800-cup capacity
  • Surevend cup sensors
  • User-friendly direct touchscreen
  • Customizable energy-saving mode
  • 24-liter dry waste bucket capacity
  • Compatible with cash and cashless payment systems

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