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The building design and construction sectors most commonly applied are expandability, removable partitions, and movable or modular furniture.


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B4 – A Design For Flexibility online. The most commonly applied building design and construction sectors are expandability, removable partitions, and movable or modular furniture. Borg & Overstrom B4 concept can and should be used in product design.

What is vending machine design?

Flexibility is one of the physical properties of materials and geometric shapes used in interior design; that property depends on the physical body, composition, and other structural properties. So repetition, balance, and similarity can create a flexible space, which means we can.

Structural flexibility can be described as the property of the building structure to accommodate any change in use by providing sufficient space and load-bearing capacity and allowing changes in one or more of the building layers without changing the system itself.

Borg and Overstrom B4 Online

We offer a wide variety of Borg and Overstrom water dispensers ideal for several office environments that need a reliable hydration solution. These water systems are efficient, functional, and aesthetically beautiful. Take workplace renovation and productivity to the next level and invest in industry-leading water systems.

But the unit is unique in the world of water coolers: usually, you have to buy a countertop or freestanding unit. So the team is pretty clever space-saving, then you can!

The gas version supplies – Cold, hot, and sparkling water, and the non-gas option supplies – Cold, ambient and hot water.

The new NEO Q delivers Quality fresh filtered water and Quality coffee in a single machine. An inventive concept that encourages sustainability in workplaces, leisure centers, gyms and other places, promoting your cup or bottle use.

What is the use of the azkoyen coffee machine?

An azkoyen group vending machine is a vending machine that distributes hot coffee and other coffee drinks. Older models used instant or condensed liquid coffee and hot water and provided condiments such as cream and sugar. 

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